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The Last Soul in Town

Deermont was once home to a few hundred residents, but now it's known only as a ghost town.  Because one day, they all disappeared.

It was strange, sure. But after a decade and a half nobody cared to go there aside from the occasional stupid teenagers on a dare. Maybe a photographer now and then. Scrappers got to it years ago, there's barely anything left to steal.

Officially, the town was dead. Dissolved. The sign removed.  The path overgrown.

The sign removed. 

The path overgrown.

Your car crashed.

Welcome to Deermont

Current Status

This project is no longer in active development.

While I may come back to it some time down the road, I can make no promises that it will ever return.

Content Warnings

  • Mild blood
  • Needles and injections
  • Themes of trauma and physical/emotional abuse

Warnings may be subject to change as development continues.

This game is not recommended for players under the age of 16.


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The Last Soul in Town v0.13.zip 465 MB

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